How are you different from other photographers? 

As a photographer with an academic background in Art and Sociology, I  am equipped with the ability to conceptualize intangible ideas, meanings, and values. My background as an artist has also given me the skills to design and create sets and props that are visual communication channels. These skill sets allow me to be a creative resource that incorporates direction, set design, and photography. 

What does your service include? 

My art-inspired photography style results from a process that allows me to create tailor-made photographs. This process includes four phases in my services: Conceptualization, Design, Production, and Post-Production. And of course, the photographs! 

What is it like to work with you? 

It is a collaborative interaction where project needs and ideas are shared. My framework starts by delving into your promotion needs and aspirations. With all the gathered information, ideas will be nurtured to identify a concept. Then the concept will be translated into artful visuals through design. Finally, production will take place.

Do you have a studio?

Yes, I do. It is equipped with Broncolor monolights, light modifiers, crims, c-stands, etc. Everything needed to create amazing results.

Your studio is located in Puerto Rico. How does a long-distance photo session work?

You can be virtually present if desired. I can stream the session and/or share my screen where all the photos will be displayed. 

Please note, the session is where we create the images. The magic, for which my photography is known, happens in post-processing. Please be patient with the process. All will unfold and be revealed!

Are you open to travel? 

Always! If your project requires my physical presence, I can be there. If needed, test shots can be taken in my studio before the on-location photo session. 

Do you work for portfolio pieces? 

At this stage in my professional career, I only work with clients who are ready, willing, and able to invest.

Can we collaborate if I have an in-house production house or work directly with an agency? 

If you want to benefit from an outsider’s fresh perspective, I would love to be a creative resource for you.

What is the benefit of having campaigns and promotions related to art?

Luxury products share specific characteristics: high level of quality, aesthetic, extraordinariness, symbolic meaning, and rarity. These characteristics make them attractive, exclusive, and rare. But how to position your brand in the luxury market if you all share the same? Art!

Art is a tool that allows luxury brands to create value. This value is perceived by customers through the brand’s intangible and symbolic features, which are related to experiences, symbolic meaning, and sense. And art, as a natural beholder of exclusivity, prestige, luxury, and culture, is a channel to provide customers with an enjoyable and gratifying experience that stimulates their imagination. Also, art is a vehicle to visually share symbolic meaning and satisfy your senses.

What is your pricing?

Given that every project is different, project estimates are always custom. Pricing for a project will depend on factors like the intended use of the photographs, the urgency of the deadline, and the complexity of the project. Please reach out and schedule an introductory call so we can chat further.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do. An initial 50% deposit is required to secure my services, 25% to start the production phase, and 25% upon delivery of watermarked final content. 

(Unwatermarked content will be delivered upon verified reception of funds).  

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