Mere pescá. – English


(It is used to express your disapproval towards someone’s actions. It is a way to respond to someone that is trying to fool you.)

“Mere Pescá” is a project that reflects on the actions of our Governor in Puerto Rico.  She has proven to be fickle in her stances, decisions, and actions. Portraying herself as someone unstable and with lack of credibility.

To represent the concept of fickleness and constant change I used Puerto Rican sayings as cultural and geographic references.  Each saying is matched with a concrete event during her trajectory as the new governor after the resignation of the former head of state. 


Dos caras como el Yagrumo, 2020. 

( It is used with double-faced people: they show one to certain group and the other one to the rest. They are false and hypocritical people.)

When she neglected the fact that she knew about the Ponce warehouse full of supplies for those affected by the earthquakes. 


Como veleta, 2020. 

(It is used when the most subtle wind changes someone’s stances, decisions and actions. Used to express fickleness.)

When she repeatedly changed the curfew time during SARRS-CoV-2 lockdown.


O te peinas o te hacer rolos, 2020. 

(It is used towards an indecisive person, who is urged to make a decision.)

When she staggered between aspiring to the  governorship and not to do so. 


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