Baret by Carolina Herrera

In Brazil, Baret had the opportunity to explore the territory and observe the plants. It is believed that Baret was the one who discovered a strange new flowering vine adorned with bright pink and purple flowers. Baret named the new plant Bougainvillea after the leader of the expedition.

Direction and Photography: Zuania Muñiz Meléndez

High-End Retouch editorial photographs: Carolina Tejera

Carolina Herrera’s Baret collection was inspired by an adventurous woman who was the first to circumvent the world in 1766. A purse created for a woman that is on a constant move and that is ready for any occasion. An option that offers flexibility, convenience, and elegance.

The photos were created by using the concepts of flexibility and movement. To portray the flexibility to move to different scenarios three sets were designed. One for the women that enjoy clubbing and nightlife in NY, another one that loves to travel and visit museums in Europe, and another one that finds peace on a sunny day in America.

The movement feels was incorporated by photographing the purse trail in each scenario.

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