Creative still-life photography for Spanish leather purse designer Cristina Lacambra.

Lacambra is a brand that offers minimalist purses in 30 different leather color options. You can choose one of her designs and select the leather color of your preference. If you are more romantic, classic, fun, or a biker rest assure that Lacambra has the right color and design for you.

The development of the concept was based on the brand’s main attributes: minimalist, versatile, and multiple color options.

The set design was created with the use of some of the 30 different leather color options offered by Lacambra to highlight the variety that the brand offers. The design style was based on the characteristics of the minimalism movement with the use of simple forms, hard edges, lines, and large, simplified, usually geometric forms on an overall flat surface.

Concept development, Creative Direction, Set Design, and Photography: Zuania Muñiz Meléndez

Retouch: Carolina Tejera
IG: @carolyfotos

Purse store: Lacambra
IG: @mylacambra

Special thanks to:
Alejandro Ramírez Rivera.

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