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Vademecum Vigorous Flowers

What I once was, ceased to be. The abrupt changes I have experienced since the end of 2017 caused by Hurricane María and the recent pandemic have destroyed my stability, my way of doing things and the way I relate to others. It is as if life has plowed my land and sown salt in the furrows. But from that same salt that sterilized me, that destroyed me, is where a new me arises. One never seen before, imagined, dreamed. Only possible from the chaos and scarcity that drives me to innovate and grow. I am not the only one, I am accompanied by thousands of people who are reborn in a totally unexpected way. We are new flowers that emerge with more strength, ready to face the new challenges that lie ahead.

“Vademecum vigorous flora” is a brief guide that compilates 6 photographs of the new flora discovered in the new world after the pandemic. The creative technique to develop the concept was the addition, where different parts of multiple flowers are used to create a new flower. Regarding the names of the flowers, these were created with the same method used in the botanical nomenclature: with two or more words from Latin written in italics and with the first letter capitalized. For the first word I used various synonyms of resurgence and for the second the region where the flower is found. EX: Reviveresco tropicae.

Artist Statement Summary: 
To be born, to die, to be reborn.  Our land has been plowed and salt has been sown in the furrows. This is a new beginning after the destruction.
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